O.W. and Donna Schneider founded Schneider Brahmans in 1974, the same year they were married. They have ranched in the beautiful Texas Hill Country northwest of San Antonio for over 40 years.

Their son Wesley Schneider, Ranch Manager, was raised working and handling Brahman cattle. He plays a major role in today’s registered cattle operation including the selective breeding program implemented to produce the outstanding animals seen today at Schneider Brahmans.

The operation at Schneider Brahmans consists of 7,500 acres of improved pastures and rolling hills with stocking rates averaging 1 cow to 30 acres. The Schneider’s have selected and bred their Brahmans to perform well and be self sufficient in this large pasture environment.

Important traits selected for include desirable retail carcass quality, fertility, good disposition, moderate birth weights, correct feet and legs and cattle that maintain good condition using native pasture with minimal supplementation. Special emphasis is placed on cows having clean bags, correct well placed udders and good mothering ability. The Schneider’s are proud of their cattle being able to perform well in any type of ranching country they may experience.

The progressive breeding program at Schneider Brahmans includes natural pasture breeding, artificial insemination and an aggressive embryo transfer program utilizing the best horned and polled Brahman genetics in the breed.

Schneider Brahmans is proud of its many repeat commercial bull buyers as well as their sales to Juniors and Registered Brahman breeders.

Schneider Brahmans

“Our Brahman cattle offer the genetics and versatility for superior performance in diverse pasture environments, the feedlot, retail beef market and the show ring.

Visitors are always welcome at our ranch in the beautiful Texas Hill Country to see the latest progress in our breeding programs. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have about the cattle and semen we have available.”

-Schneider Brahmans

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