SCHNEIDER BRAHMANS is committed to playing a major role in the bright future ahead for Polled Brahmans. Our Polled Brahman breeding program is focused on producing functional cattle with depth of muscling, length, eye appeal and strong retail carcass traits.

Our involvement with Polled Brahmans began in October, 2003 with the acquisition of the heavily muscled Polled CWF Mr. Rex Crata 495 bull. A daughter of Mr. Rex Crata 495, +S Donna 247 (P), from our +S Ms. Poncrata 192 cow was purchased by La Muneca Cattle Company and is a premier donor cow in their elite Polled Brahman program today.  Another Mr. Rex Crata 495 daughter, +S Ms Foster 249, is consistently producing outstanding heavy muscled and heavy boned Polled offspring when bred to our +S Mr. Manso 135 horned bull.

Mr. Rex Crata 495 is a son of the +Mr. V8 212/3 (P) bull which is the only Polled Brahman bull in the ABBA Register of Renown.  Schneider Brahmans has obtained a substantial interest in the remaining +Mr. V8 212/3 semen.

In January, 2009 Schneider Brahmans made another large step forward in the Polled Brahman breed with the acquisition of the scurred cow Miss Diamond A 53/1. Miss Diamond A 53/1 was sired by the V8 Power Stroke bull and is a granddaughter of the +Mr. V8 212/3 bull on her dam’s side.

In the spring of 2009 we flushed Miss Diamond A 53/1 using semen from the Polled Mr. V8 1/4 (P) bull that is the only Polled son of the ABBA Register of Renown (+)Mr. V8 202/3 bull.  That “Royal Polled Flush” produced 9 outstanding Polled heifers in the spring of 2010.  These “Royal” Polled heifers have 7 ABBA Register of Renown animals in their 3 generation pedigree.  These heifers truly have donor level potential and will play a major role in the future of our Polled Brahman program.

In 2009 we flushed +S Ms. Poncrata 192 back to the Mr. Rex Crata 495 to produce full sibs to La Muneca’s +S Donna 247 (P) donor cow. This flush produced in the Spring of 2010 an outstanding full sib heifer to +S Donna 247 (P) and an outstanding full sib bull calf.

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