Located 11 miles from picturesque Fredericksburg, Texas with all its attractions including top end wine/dining/shopping destinations. In addition to an incredible hunting experience, this lease has something for the entire family.


Hunting Lease Texas on the Pedernales River

Lease includes both sides of the Pedernales river. Private swimming and canoeing. Several ponds are available for catch and release fishing.


In addition to the 1,250 acres, there are two separate game sanctuary areas around ranch owner homes totaling 450 acres. Only one management Whitetail Buck has been harvested in these management areas during the last three years.


  • One hunt/visit per month as a group April through September. 
  • Full access October through 2nd Sunday in January


  • 6 Trophy Whitetail Bucks. Trophy Whitetail Bucks are 10+ point bucks, 6.5 years of age or older. Mature 4.5+ year old heavy horned 8/9 point bucks without split G2s.
  • Unlimited Whitetail Management Bucks pending MLDP permits. Management bucks  are considered to be 3.5+ year old bucks missing one or both  G1s or only having two points up on one side.
  • 30 Whitetail Does pending MLDP permits.
  • 6 Axis Bucks
  • 12 Axis Does
  • 6 Spring Turkey Gobblers
  • As many hogs as can be shot.

Hunting Lease Gallery

Looking for a long-term family or group of friends’ family lease. Not A Corporate Lease.  Annual Lease price is $80,000.

Schneider Gillespie County Hunting Lease

Hunting lease Texas

Added Value in Addition to Remodeled Camp House

  1. Nine 5×5 Deer Stands 7 of which are Atascosa insulated deluxe model blinds.  Two are late model Ranch King Stands. $43,200
  2. Nine spin corn feeders with feed pens. $9,000
  3. Five 1 ton Protein feeders $10,000
  4. Year round feed program with cotton seed, antler max protein pellets, corn and mineral lick tubs $29,000 in 2023.
  5. Annual labor and equipment costs maintaining feeders, procuring feed and keeping feeders full. $6,800.
  6. Utilities paid – $2,800
  7. Walk-In Deer Cooler – $7,000
  8. Annual helicopter deer counts and TPWD MLDP cost.  $1,200

Total Added Value $109,000


Wild Game Hunting near Fredericksburg, Texas

Ranch is under TPWD MLDP program, and although low fence, only has two neighbors.  The hunting on one of those neighbors is part of the lease and MLDP program.  The second neighbor’s ranch is lightly hunted.

Fall 2023 Helicopter Survey counted 170 Axis deer, 49 Whitetail bucks, 127 Whitetail bucks does and 46 Whitetail fawns.  Based on camera counts at pens, the helicopter survey count of Whitetail bucks was definitely on the low side.

We are looking for hunters that will be an asset to our MLDP program including early harvest of Whitetail Does and management bucks in October and letting 10+ point Whitetail bucks reach 6.5 years of age before harvesting.

Hunting House & Grounds

Everything You Need

Camp house being completely remodeled with estimated completion time by June 1, 2024. 

  • 3 Bedroom Hunting House
  • Sleeps 8 to 10 people
  • Kitchen, dining room, bathroom, washer/dryer
  • Separate adjoining facility for gathering with gas cooking range
  • Walk in deer cooler
  • Roads kept in top shape with ranch’s road maintainer.
  • 14 cattle guards across the ranch for easy travel

Hunting Blinds & Feeders

  • Ranch has 9 top end insulated hunting blinds, 9 feed pens with feeders and 5 protein feeders.
  • Year around feed program in place with cotton seed, protein pellets, corn and mineral lick tubs.
  • Ranch Owner provides all feed, keeps feeders filled and maintained year around.